Support Products

Innervate believes strongly in seeing a project through and supporting development to ensure it is integrated and becomes a new way of being. The following products support that goal:


Coaching to move you through your communication and collaboration goals.

Stand alone coaching to support managers or team members in achieving their development goals. Also available as a follow-up to the Clear Leadership Course to help ensure integration of the skills back on the job.

Skills Practice Groups

Furthering the integration of skills learned through Learning Conversations or the Clear Leadership Program or a specially tailored program, these groups provide the opportunity to continue practicing the skills, with facilitated support. Can be done with one or more others who have had the earlier training.

Retainer Basis

For significant development or transitions that require on-location dedicated support.

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Major change is usually impossible unless most employees are willing to help…. Without credible communication, and a lot of it, employees' hearts and minds are never captured.

- John P. Kotter

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