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Clear Leadership Program

This highly regarded course is a signature Innervate product that leaves an impression and stays with participants back on the job. The main focus of this program is to teach leaders and their teams how to communicate effectively in order to build sustainable collaboration. This requires interpersonal clarity. There is a direct relationship between strong performance and the quality of interpersonal interaction. Leaders and team members who set an example of collaboration create loyalty and enjoy the benefits of higher performing, more engaged teams.

How You Will Benefit:


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Giving Clear Feedback

Truly an essential skill for managers. Take the anxiety out of this much avoided but necessary practice by learning how. By understanding the dynamics at play, and practicing, participants will have greater confidence in giving feedback, and therefore do so on a more regular basis. Available as individual coaching; or as a workshop for management or intact teams.

The Art of a Learning Conversation

This foundational skill teaches how to break through inter-personal confusion and get to inter-personal clarity. Leaders learn how to identify when a learning conversation is needed, and develop confidence to step forward and lead learning conversations. Clearing up the confusion improves team dynamics, communication and knowledge transfer. Decisions are made with better information and are therefore supported. An essential skill to both avoid and address problem patterns.

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