Discovery Products


In this initial stage, we determine what the current state is, and what the desired state would look like, and develop a plan to get there.

Stakeholder Engagement

We are firm believers in getting input from those involved and affected. Here we open the dialogue with key parties using interviews, focus groups, client councils and more.

Discovery Tools

Mission & Values Alignment

Assess the congruence of the stated mission & values with the actual behaviours in the organization. Do the values still fit, and if so, how to get back on track while mitigating the risk of heading off track again? Also see Values under the DELIVER menu.

Inherent Strategy Articulation

Does your organization have an articulated strategy? A surprising number don’t. This is not an exercise in developing strategy, but rather in identifying the strategy that is inherent based on the actions of the people in the organization.

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When we see only one side of an issue, we are blind in one eye.

- Barry Johnson, PhD

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