Live Green Toronto

Live Green Toronto
“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank-you again for your assistance with the hiring process at Citizens’ Environment Watch. Indeed, I was so pleased with the process that was followed, and the overall results of the effort, that I believe this to be a service that you should recommend to others.

Given our need to interview for four different positions simultaneously, and gauge the abilities of the candidates to work together, facilitate meetings, engage communities using a grass-roots approach and generally communicate effectively, your assistance was essential. I was particularly appreciative of your feedback on the development of the ‘role-play’ situation we were to engage the candidates in as well as the list of skills we needed to look for that we might otherwise have overlooked. Your skills at observing and analyzing group and individual behaviour as the candidates interacted with one another gave us the insight we required to make the right choices in the hiring process.

My only disappointment was that we didn’t get you involved earlier as I believe that you could have added that much more to the process. I would definitely recommend you to others and I look forward to discussing opportunities to work with you in the future as your recommendation of facilitation training for all of our candidates was well received.”

Mike Peppard,
Program Manager, Live Green Toronto Community Animation
Citizens’ Environment Watch

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