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University of Toronto

University of Toronto Earth Sciences“I wasn’t sure we were going to proceed with our retreat as we’d had a bad experience with a prior one and we weren’t clear on this retreat’s objectives. We were different groups brought together into one department 2 years prior, who had differing interests and opinions. Rather than create a task-oriented agenda that we really weren’t ready for given our lack of interpersonal cohesiveness, Laura took the necessary time to engage with enough stakeholders to uncover our current needs and designed a day to meet us where we were and have a little fun. To my surprise, even my exalted colleagues were sharing of themselves and enjoying it! Once that ‘human’ aspect had been created, we then began to see the possibilities within our new group which we have been pursuing since. For example, developing student programs that ‘cross expertise boundaries’. We saw the benefit of seeing each other as people in addition to areas of expertise and have committed to creating more opportunities to connect on a personal level as part of our daily work. Laura was instrumental in creating this new dynamic among us. She is competent, easy to work with and quite unique in her ability to remain focused in the moment - unfazed by strong personalities who would easily derail other facilitators. I am happy to recommend Laura. She is someone who is comfortable in both the technical and humane aspects of organizational life.”

Uli Woortmann, Associate Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Toronto

University of Toronto

University of Toronto Earth Sciences“It was easy to work with Laura as she was a clear and direct communicator at all stages of our interactions - prior to, during and post-retreat. She was focused on delivering the results we were seeking, which she helped us clarify. She took the time needed to understand the dynamics at play in our group and tailored an experience that fit with our team's evolution.

While some personalities were more obvious than others, Laura skillfully did not allow anyone to dominate the discussion, and structured parts of the event to ensure everyone would be heard from in a meaningful way. My team was quite engaged throughout the day, and left with a feeling of tangible hopefulness in tackling our future demands.

I found Laura to be an interesting and engaging person to work with and I can easily recommend her to others”

Dr. Russell N. Pysklywec
Professor and Chair
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Toronto



“… Laura took on this challenge with energy and has introduced our team to new possibilities in terms of how we work together.  She was always aware of where the group was at and ensured that all participants felt their concerns were heard and responded to.  I was impressed with Laura’s success in achieving ease amongst the team considering the tensions that had built up over the growing pains of the past two years. … Laura somehow cut through this and created an atmosphere where all participants shared openly. I have seen a marked difference in some of our most guarded team players in the short time since the session.

Laura’s background in both business and psychology were evident as she flagged and tracked issues of importance to our upcoming planning process while not missing a beat with the team development work.   A further example of this was her making the link between how the lack of a clear and bought-into strategy or decision-making process can affect team dynamics.  … I can easily recommend Laura as someone who is both a pleasure to work with and provides excellent value.”

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Meredith Cochrane, Executive Director of EcoSpark

Standards Council of Canada

Standards Council of Canada“I had the pleasure of working with Laura who facilitated a series of sessions in order to make recommendations on best ways to engage new members entering standards work. It was remarkable how quickly she understood the complexity of the system ... the results will really contribute to affecting change in our organization.

One of her notable strengths ... is her ability to uncover what I believe would otherwise be unarticulated perspectives of her audience, by how she interacts with participants. She seems to see them in a way which allows them to share on a deeper level. She brings a fresh creative approach ... I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Laura..”
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Tommy Grouev, Manager, Training and Member Orientation
Standards Council of Canada



CoreWorx“My team and I were impressed with the degree of care Laura brings to her work and how quickly she grasped the main aspects of our complex business. We initially engaged Laura for Team & Leadership Development work ... We have quite a new team and Laura’s facilitation style and creativity allowed her to weave elements of teamwork throughout these sessions, giving us insight we would not have gained otherwise – and she even made it fun for our group of techies. She is sharp, witty and a pleasure to work with.

I have personally appreciated the one-on-one coaching sessions with Laura where her counsel both supports and challenges my thinking. She tells you what she sees, and encourages you to look at how you may be impacting your team and that is extremely useful. ... While I do not hire consultants easily, the value of this work has been considerable and I look forward to continuing our work with Laura, who I highly recommend.”
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Ray Simonson, CEO
CoreWorx Inc.



Live Green Toronto

Citizen's Environmental Watch“ ... I was particularly appreciative of your feedback on the development of the ‘role-play’ situation we were to engage the candidates in as well as the list of skills we needed to look for that we might otherwise have overlooked.

... Your skills at observing and analyzing group and individual behaviour as the candidates interacted with one another gave us the insight we required to make the right choices in the hiring process. I would definitely recommend you to others and I look forward to discussing opportunities to work with you in the future as your recommendation of facilitation training for all of our candidates was well received.”
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Mike Peppard,
Program Manager, Live Green Toronto Community Animation
Citizens’ Environment Watch

Schulich School of Business, York University

Schulich“It was a great pleasure to work with Laura, who facilitated a session on learning and leadership to my class of MBA students at the Schulich School of Business. Laura combines professionalism with a deep understanding of organizational, behavioural, cognitive and emotional concepts. She is thoughtful, engaging and communicates clearly. Her ability to truly connect with her audience is impressive. It is apparent that she knows her ‘stuff’ and believes what she practices. I look forward to working with Laura again and recommend her to others, whether for university-level classes, professional workshops or corporate training and development.”

Ingo Holzinger, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor of Organization Studies
Schulich School of Business
York University

CIBC Insurance

CIBC Insurance“Laura is enthusiastic, energetic and very bright. All who worked with her saw her as very capable, focused and determined - definitely someone that could be relied on. She was also very highly regarded by the Senior Management group. Laura is quite driven by intellectual stimulation. Being very inquisitive, she thrived on learning new things so she could contribute to the business as a whole. She made significant contributions to our strategies with her facilitation and strategic-thinking abilities. As a strong communicator, we would often call upon her skill to write key documents and give presentations within the company.”

Lisa Kirk VP, Operations and Planning
CIBC Insurance

George Brown College

George Brown“I recently had the pleasure of working with Laura Hetherington at George Brown The Toronto City College, where she played an important role in helping to shape a new strategic positioning and brand architecture for the college. Laura's experience in strategy development and market research, together with her competency as a facilitator, proved to be valuable assets during her engagement by the college. Her honest, thoughtful and results-driven working-style allowed her to quickly build a strong rapport with the management team and to nurture a high level of consensus with respect to the new college positioning and architecture.

I would enjoy the opportunity to work with Laura again in the future and would be happy to recommend her services to potential clients.”

Ashley Konson
Partner, Cohesion Inc.
Acting VP, Strategic Positioning
George Brown College


FutureBrand“I was impressed with how easily Laura was able to understand and contribute to the George Brown College and the Atlantic Lottery Corporation projects she was brought in to consult on. She quickly saw what needed to be done and made it happen. In addition to strategy consulting and moderating focus groups, Laura managed the George Brown account relationship. Her honest approach, concern for quality, and care for the customer were reflected by the positive feedback received from the client who enjoyed working with Laura. I look forward to seeing Laura on future projects.”

Grace Wong-Lim
Director, Brand Strategy

Wyndham Place on the River

Wyndham Place on the River“Laura was a constant motivation within the project. She provided sound advice to us and conducted herself with honesty and integrity. She was instrumental in ensuring all bases were covered while facing a challenging schedule with a lean team who were diligent in looking for ways to achieve objectives and keep costs under control. It was clear that her team enjoyed working with her and respected her leadership, as did others within the project. The trust we grew to have with her led to our seeking her opinion in other project matters. Her tireless energy, insightful mind and dedication to the project were obvious and make it easy to recommend Laura to others. Her ability to think strategically while ensuring the details are planned and accounted for is an exceptional combination. We wish Laura well in her future endeavors and wouldn't hesitate to call upon her again should the need arise.”

Jack Greenberg, Partner, Wyndham Place Holdings
and President Compten Management Ltd

Zool Kassum
Partner, Wyndham Place Holdings
and President Bayfield Management Ltd


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