EcoSpark We contracted Laura to do some team development training with us at the two year point in our evolution. Aware of our budget, Laura tailored a program that included pre and post session work around a one day retreat. Laura consulted with managers and took time to get to understand the team before sessions commenced.  She expected commitment from all participants by providing easily digestible pre-reading as part of the pre session work. One of the great values in this approach is that it gave the group something objective to refer to during discussions and that we can return to in future.

Our team is large and complex. Nine of the twelve staff work out of home offices, meeting as a team only twice a month. In addition, they work as employees of one organization in close partnership with another, delivering a contract for a third organization. This has made both team bonding and identity development difficult, and led to some unhealthy patterns of communication.

Laura took on this challenge with energy and has introduced our team to new possibilities in terms of how we work together. She was always aware of where the group was at and ensured that all participants felt their concerns were heard and responded to.  I was impressed with Laura’s success in achieving ease amongst the team considering the tensions that had built up over the past two years.

Laura’s background in both business and psychology were evident as she flagged and tracked issues of importance to our upcoming planning process while not missing a beat with the team development work. A further example of this was her making the link between how a lack of a clear and bought-into strategy or decision-making process can affect team dynamics.

Our team consists of diverse personalities with very different communication styles. Growing pains of the past two years have created barriers between people and a lack of trust and willingness to be open and honest. Laura somehow cut through this and created an atmosphere where all participants shared openly. I have seen a marked difference in some of our most guarded team players in the short time since the session.  

While we still have work to do, Laura has provided us with tools to carry this work forward to build what she helped us envision. I can easily recommend Laura as someone who is both a pleasure to work with and provides excellent value. 

Meredith Cochrane
Executive Director, EcoSpark

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