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We are communication and collaboration experts who provide guidance in situations that involve interpersonal dynamics and how they impact business performance.

Situations you may recognize:

If you see yourself on any side of these examples, you're not alone. They happen in good organizations to good people. These situations create unfinished business. Instead of addressing and diffusing these situations, they are commonly left alone in the hope they will somehow resolve themselves. Generally, they are left unfinished because of the discomfort most leaders and team members have in addressing 'sensitive' issues, usually because they have not learned how. Being unfinished, these issues will continue to show up in unhealthy ways, sapping energy, infecting others and eroding productivity, until they are resolved.

Innervate can help you address these situations creatively. Our Clear Leadership program can teach you how to manage these situations yourself. Learn more about What we Offer.

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The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said.

- Peter F. Drucker

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